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Tephrocactus Geometricus Rooting Instructions

Care Instructions: Caring for your “Dragon Egg” cactus is a straightforward and enjoyable experience. Here are some care tips to ensure its optimal growth and continued beauty. Initial Care: Once received, please remove it from the package and prepare your soil. It should be lightly misted but mostly dry. The soil mix should be chunky […]


How to Repot Trichocereus Seedlings

Repotting Trichocereus seedlings from a group setting into 2-inch plastic containers is an important step in ensuring their continued growth and health. Here are the steps to follow when repotting Trichocereus seedlings: Choose the Right Potting Mix: Trichocereus seedlings need a well-draining potting mix that contains equal parts of perlite, sand, and peat moss or […]

Takeaway Tek for Improved Cactus Seed Germination

Takeaway Tek is a method of seed germination that can be applied to cactus seeds. It involves soaking the seeds in water for a period of time, then removing the seeds and letting them dry completely. Once the seeds are dry, they can be planted in soil or another growing medium. The goal of the […]

16oz  takeaway tek container

What is Takeaway Tek?

The name “Takeaway Tek” likely comes from the fact that the technique involves using takeaway containers, such as plastic food containers or plastic takeout boxes, to soak and dry the cactus seeds. These containers are convenient because they are easy to obtain, typically come with a lid to keep the seeds moist, and can be […]

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The Process of Using Takeaway Tek for Cactus Seeds

Takeaway Tek is a simple and effective method for germinating cactus seeds using takeaway containers, such as plastic food containers or plastic takeout boxes. Here at Cactus Seed Kits, we are trying to set up this process for you so it is easy, simple, and clear for you to follow and grow your own beautiful […]