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16oz  takeaway tek container

The name “Takeaway Tek” likely comes from the fact that the technique involves using takeaway containers, such as plastic food containers or plastic takeout boxes, to soak and dry the cactus seeds. These containers are convenient because they are easy to obtain, typically come with a lid to keep the seeds moist, and can be used to store the seeds after soaking and drying.

The process of using takeaway containers for the Takeaway Tek method involves filling the container with water and adding the cactus seeds. The seeds are then soaked for the recommended time, then drained and allowed to dry completely. The lid of the container can be used to keep the seeds moist during the soaking process, and the container can then be used to store the seeds until they are ready to be planted.

The use of takeaway containers in the Takeaway Tek method is optional, and other containers, such as plastic bags or petri dishes, can also be used. However, the use of takeaway containers is a common and convenient option for many growers.

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